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A bro hoe is a girl(Typically white) who is a female version of a "Bro". Their clothing includes windbreakers, most of the time a tank top(SRH, Metal Mulisha, Skin, KMK, Famous), jeans, and lots of cleavage. Their hair is layered and is blonde/black, or blonde with pink or red. Many of them have piercings, some have tattoos. Their face make up is very light with dark eyeshadow, blush and shiney white lips. They DGAF, smoke, toke and drink lots of beer. REAL Bro Hoes ride dirt bikes and roll with the boys.
The best Bro Hoes come from SoCal.
by DanKii909 August 07, 2007
A flatbiller is a young male, who usually lives in SoCal Or NorCal. They are typically white and very proud of their race(Not racist they're PROUD). They are very confident in themselves, they're also very outgoing and love to party. Their style includes Dickies pants or shorts, a shirt with a logo on it(SRH, Metal Mulisha, Skin, Famous, KMK), A hat or bandana(sometimes both) and many tattoos and piercings. You often see them riding lifted trucks, jeeps, dirt bikes, and quads.
That Flatbiller has some bomb tats.
by DanKii909 August 07, 2007

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