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Nigger (nig-ger)

A nigger is not necessarily a person of black origin. However, a nigger is a person who may or not be black but exemplifies the negative qualities associated with "ghetto" black people namely of the hip-hop/rap culture. Blacks call each other nigger, but you will more than likely result in being shot, raped or stabbed if you call a black person nigger, unless you yourself are a pretty badass nigger who can get away with it. Niggers look out for each other, except when they are murdering each other. Some notable characterists and features of a nigger are lying, cheating, terrible hygene, stealing, slang, rape, murder, hyphonated first names, imprisonment, rapping, oogling women (especially big-ass womena and white women of any age) and alcohol as well as drug addiction.
Rae-Qwuoan and Sha-Qwueeta are pulling the discrimination card at work.

what a bunch of niggers.

Yo man, Ashley got a big butt yo.

Shut up you nigger! that's my sister!
Ay yo you gun let me tap dat!

by Dan5555555555 September 06, 2007

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