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A town in Nova Scotia, Canada. A high number of people in New Glasgow have a Scottish background of some sort. See: Macdonald,Mackay etc.

The residents of the west side of New Glasgow usually are richer, preppier, and less "gangsta" and see a lower crime rate than people from the east side, although not always -

Birch Street, though being on the west side has seen it's share of crime... Armed standoffs, breakins, assaults, house fires, vandalism etc.

The main highschool for NG (New Glasgow) is NNEC, and hosts roughly 950 students.
Person 1 "Hey man, want to go to New Glasgow?"

Person 2 "Alright let's hit up the mall and then the west side plazza! Let's just make sure to stay away from Birch after it gets dark! I don't want to get shot haha"

Person 1 "You pussy, it's fun watching the police arrive to break up the fights!"

Person 2 "Yeah I guess."
by Dan333 April 23, 2007

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