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A sport in Australia only nationalised in the late 80s, yet is already easily the most popular sport in the country. It is the most popular sport all over Australia except for eastern NSW and Queensland. The game is religiously hated in coastal NSW for no reason in particular.

Australian rules football has its flaws, however once you get to know it, you will realise that it is one of the most all-round sports in the world. What I mean is that to play "Aussie rules" as it is also dubbed, you must be strong, fast, extremely endurant, courageous, skillful, smart and also have that added X-factor to make the athletically impossible possible.

The game is played 22 a side with 4 players on the bench and unlimited rotations. The ball starts in the centre and the players need to get it forward and kick the ball inbetween two large posts. The game is very hard to explain in words and I recommend you watch some games or just simply look up AFL on youtube.

It is a brilliant sport and is probably the most all around challenging to be elite at, as it is rare to be good in all the neccessary areas. You could say it requires the perfect athlete with a very good sporting brain.

The sport will not go global any time soon but will probably become what the NFL is to America.

In the end, I recommend watching it with someone who is knowledgeable of the game, who can explain its little intricacies. Watch it a few times and you will either love it or become confused and angry.
Australian Rules football is the most popular sport in Australia, followed by cricket then rugby (both forms).
by Dan277 October 26, 2011

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