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Something that makes a person look like a chav - clothing, cars etc.
Chav: look at my new spoilers and alloys
Non-chav: that looks so chavilicious!
by Dan1456 February 01, 2008
1) People who admire Hitler.

2) People who are like Hitler.

3) G.W. Bush and his cronies
Average person: Argh I am so annoyed at that hitlerite, George Bush, for stuff. He's messed so much up.
by Dan1456 February 01, 2008
Criticising the Apple Mac operating system. Many Windows die hard fans do this to boost their egos and confidence in their own favourite operating system
Tom: Windows rules. Mac is rubbish. I hate Apple so much - iPods are disgusting, get a MS Zune instead

Mark: Stop mac bashing - it's getting on my nerves
by Dan1456 February 01, 2008
A fan of the Linux operating system stereotyped to be a geek because of the need to memorise hundreds if not thousands of commands to actually use the computer.

They are usually very defensive of their operating system and hate Windows users and Mac addicts alike.
Windows user: I'm just going to play Rome:Total War now
Mac user: I think I'll edit some photos or create a movie perhaps
Linux geek: I can't play games or edit photos. I'll entertain myself memorising some cryptic commands - that will help me succeed in life
by Dan1456 February 01, 2008
Used to describe something shoddy or rubbish.
G.W.Bush: My fellow Americans, my days as President have been Bush league
by Dan1456 February 01, 2008

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