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An expression indicating that something is unsatisfactory, though not entirely terrible.
Wil: Winning back the $50 that it cost to enter the poker tournament after playing for 12 hours is like kissing my sister!
Ty: You've kissed your sister?!?!
Wil: Don't tell anyone...
#kiss #sister #unsatisfactory #weak #satisfactory
by Dan TheMan September 25, 2007
The combination of the three finest dried fruit: raisins, apricots, and cranberries
Kip: Can you pass the prunes and banana chips?

Pam: We don't have those here-- We only serve the driedfecta
#raisins #apricots #cranberries #prunes #banana chips #dried #fruit
by dan theman September 11, 2008
The non-adhesive corner of the sticker found on most apples, bananas, and other produce used for ease of sticker removal
Marcelo: I'm having the darndest time removing the sticker from my apple. I'm just going to eat it--sticker and all!

Dan: Don't do it man; those stickers are toxic! Pull off the sticker using its tablit.
#sticker #apple #fruit #toxic #removal
by Dan Theman March 27, 2009
To step up one's game when other teammates are not playing well.
When Kobe went down with an injury, the team had to ham and egg it for the first half of the season.
#ham #eggs #ham and eggs #team #teammate
by Dan Theman June 16, 2009
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