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A person who forces children to eat food to make them larger in size and and to use them for sexual gratification.
Robbie was sentenced to 30 years in prison for being a feedophile.
by Dan Spalke December 15, 2010
This is where a you ejaculate into your woman's mouth. She keeps it their and then both french kiss, all the while the semen is swirling around each of your mouths'. This is based on on a popular sweet snack - Viennese Whirl, 2 shortbread biscuits surrounding a cream centre.
Guy 1 - Hey, Me and my girl tried something new last night, we kissed while my semen was in her mouth.
Guy 2 - you lucky so and so, thats the famed Viennese Swirl.
by Dan Spalke December 05, 2013
Alternative phrase for semen.
Ollie could take no more, he unleashed his creamy cargo over her welcoming yet acne ridden face.
by Dan Spalke December 04, 2013
Like William Tell with his Arrow into the Apple. This is similar except it is when a man cums into a woman's mouth/eye/between breasts at a distance.
Mr Reynolds had an amazing 'Robbie Tell' moment with his fiance last night, right onto the bridge of her nose.
by Dan Spalke January 17, 2013
When the guy has anal sex, he withdraws and then wipes his penis clean in the woman's hair creating a quiff.
Robbie gave his fiance a great 'dirty reynolds' on Tuesday night.
by Dan Spalke January 17, 2013
When you perform oral sex on a lady who is on her period. You finish and then look in the mirror to find you have blood smeared on your face. You resemble a warrior of ancient times who smeared blood on his face before battle.
Guy 1 - I went down on my girlfriend last night. Afterwards i realised i had blood all over my face.
Guy 2 - Aaaah you been Warpainting.
by Dan Spalke December 05, 2013

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