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Rugby Union team from Leicester, best team in the world. The RWC 2003 squad had 7 players from Tigers in most of the starting line-ups, and Leon Lloyd should play for England.
Person: Who are we playing in the final of the Zurich Premiership?
Person 2: Tigers
Person: Damn, we're gonna get our arses handed to us on a plate!
by Dan S April 24, 2005
south park. A fish that is inside the gaymans ass
The catatifish is a fish in a gay mans ass.
by dan s November 02, 2004
When one's internal gasses are released and it smells extravagantly horrible for long periods of time. Often occurs after consuming Mexican foods. Ex: Tacos and Beans.
After eating eggs, tacos, rice, beans, etc.
by DAN S March 23, 2005
An eminem wanna-be, anyone who affliates themselves with (any letter)-Unit. e.g. most of the American youth I have the misery of being a part of.
Stupid Kid: "I roll wid bloodz/cripz g unit and all that shizz, no (intentionally misspelled) what I'm sayin dawg??"
Me: "Shut the fuck up you little Reeses Pieces, and bag my grocaries."
Stupid Kid: "Yes sir, sorry."
by Dan S December 18, 2003
Best team in Leicestershire - we dont train and we still beat JCC B team, who play every week, awesome set of guys.
WVCC Rugby team, coached by Mr. White and Mr. Springthorpe - defend like a blue brick wall
by Dan S April 23, 2005

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