3 definitions by Dan Neiwert(author of Gentleman of Leisure Volume One)

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New Jersey/New York Slang word for Latent Homosexual.
Joey had lots of female friends he didn't hit on, so we all believed him to be a Laden Homosexual!
different spelling, but same meaning as the term "lead balloon."
Stan's face dropped like a led balloon when told the horrible news.
“Micelli’s” are Italian guys who sport tight white tee shirts with gaudy gold chains. These men also have a ton of grease in their jet-black hair, and talk and act like mobsters. These dudes aren’t your typical Italian guys, as they're dark, and look like they either had some Spanish in them, or some Negro. Term is New York/New Jersey slang and originates from the Tony Danza character from the television show “Who’s the Boss” named Tony Micelli
Donna only dates Micelli's, thought she will fuck with a brother or a Rican dude every now and then!

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