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53 definitions by Dan Moses

Verb. The act of hugging someone and holding the hug, rather than hugging superficially, or hugging and patting the person a few times on the back.
Phil (after being hugged by Justin): "Wow Kevin, you must really miss me. That was some hug and hold."
Kevin: "I know I know...I haven't seen you in so long."
by dan moses May 28, 2010
Noun, verb. A hug, followed by a pat on the back. The act of hugging someone, then patting him or her on the back.
Travis (after getting a hug and pat from Alex): "Brozay, what's with the hug and pat? I thought we were a little tighter than that."
Alex: "Well, think again."
by dan moses May 28, 2010
noun. A person who lies about the price at which he purchased or sold a stock, thereby inflating his profits. Done for the purpose of boasting to others.
Kelsey: "Wow, I sold my ABC today and got 14.50 for it."
Andrea: "You're such a price liar, Kelso. You know you only got 14.25. Rude."
Kelsey: "Uh, I'm not lying...I see we have a situation here."
by dan moses June 08, 2010
adj. Someone who, with the SLIGHTEST provocation, defriends someone on facebook, myspace, etc.
Josh: "Soc, why did you defriend me on Facebook?"
Soc: "I didn't like that you had a dream about my sister. Plus, I heard you didn't like my tie."
Josh: "Wow, you're more fucked up than i thought. You're really defriend-happy if those were your reasons."
by dan moses January 22, 2011
Acronym for Tournament Tough, referring to someone who's mentally strong at what he does.
Peter: "You have a tough draw. You think you'll beat the first seed in the tennis tournament, brozay?"
Carl: "Of course. No one's TT like I am."
by dan moses December 23, 2010
Interjection. Bullshit. Used to express disagreement.
Christian: "Where did Steve go? Where is he?"
Joe: "Why'd you have to go fuck HIM up for?"
Christian: "It was nothing. There was no reason for any of it."
Joe: "Oh, pucky! You had it out for him since day one. Now if you wanna know where he is, I wanna know why."
by dan moses January 23, 2011
To receive an "F" as a grade. As receiving an "A" is referring to as an ace, receiving an "F" is referred to as a face.
Nick: "Holy shit, brozay, I think i really fukked up that test."
Joe: "You passed though, right?"
Nick: "Dude, I don't know...I think I might've faced that shit."
by dan moses January 04, 2008