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Real estate term referring to a house so dilapidated that even fixing it UP wouldn't make it attractive.
Amelia: "I'm sending you a listing of a fixer-upper. It needs a lot of work but the price is good and so is the location."
Bob (upon receiving the listing): "You've gotta be kidding me, Amelia. Looks more like a fixer-downer to me. Take another gander."
by dan moses December 19, 2007
To receive a "C" as a grade....as receiving an "A" is referred to as an ace, a "C" is a cace.
Ron: "Shit, mofoesy, I didn't do that well on that test."
Jim: "You didn't ace it, brozay?"
Ron (laughing): "You kidding? No way. I'm lucky if I caced it."
by dan moses January 04, 2008
To receive a "D" as a grade. As receiving an "A" is referred to as an ace, a "D" is referred to as a dace.
Paul: "Carl, did you fuck up that chemistry test?"
Carl: "Well...not totally. I think I daced it."
by dan moses January 04, 2008
Bad news. Referencing the tragedy that occurred in the U.S. on that day (September 11), "9-11" has taken on the connotation of any unpleasant event that has transpired.
Carl: "Evan, how'd you do on the chem test yesterday?"
Evan: "Don't ask, brozay. That shit was 9-11."
by Dan Moses August 13, 2007
A more familiar and friendly way of calling someone "bro". Broesy, brozay, and brosay can be used pretty interchangeably as the derivations are the same - all stem from bro. "Brosay" can only be used when getting the attention of or addressing someone with whom you're friendly, whereas "bro" can be used more broadly (in a friendly or non-friendly way). A combination of the spelling of broesy and brozay, its subtelty is recognized only by the most picayune of spellers
"brosay, that guy really hooked you on calls that match."
"damn, brosay, you looked so fukkin twisted last night. Was that you pissing out the bus window?"
by Dan Moses June 05, 2007
Scary; freaky. Originates from the television show "The Munsters", a show about a family of lovable freaks, who resided at 1313 Mockingbird Lane.
Joe: "Brozay, did you see Tom after he was in that car accident?"
Frank: "No, why?"
Joe: "Shit, that mofo got fucked up. His face was all 1313."
by dan moses December 07, 2007
While in the midst of wiping one's tush after defecating, the act of wiping, then folding the toilet tissue over to reuse it.
Brian: "Man, I was taking a dump in the school bathroom the other day...and it wasn't a very good one. I was wiping and wiping and wiping and still had to wipe more but I was running low on toilet paper."
Joe: "What'd you do....fold and reuse?"
Brian: "Uh YEAAAAAH.....did I have any other choice?!"
by dan moses March 03, 2008

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