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Stupid charactor on Guitar Hero.
Looks like an overwieght mix between a Kiss member, and a Black |Metal Kniight.
GH3 player: wow, I'm playing pat Benitar and the Bohemoth guy is on guitar
Other dude: your life sucks.
by Dan Mitts January 01, 2008
Ronald McDonalds retarted friend.
Possibly a giant purple butt-plug...
grimice: GRrrrrrrrrrrkanarf.
Ronald: Eat shit butt-plug.
Hamburgaler: Hey ronald I go...
Ronald: Not now, Fuck off douche-bag.n why do I hang out with a thief. FUCK! I need my crank.
by Dan Mitts January 01, 2008
A time in ones life when you are completly and utterly dependent on any type of alchoholic beverage.
Dude: Wow, that guy is severly in his alchoholocaust.
alchoholocaust guy: FUCK YOU!
by Dan Mitts January 01, 2008
An allies you use in the game 007 Nightfire.
Also works with Halo.
Player 1: Ahhh! you have killed me!
Penis Cak: LOL! NOOB!
by Dan Mitts January 01, 2008
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