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abbreviation for Fuckin' Long Island Douchebag.
Things that all Flids know:
1) Northeastern America is a suburb of New York City.
2) The rest of America consists of a couple of farms and the OC (which they know from their favorite show)
3) Dave Matthews totally sold out 3 years ago, John Mayer is like way better.
4) The fact that the Long Island Sound sucks does not stop these people from trudging across the snow in sandals in the winter.
5) Although they love New York, they have never been to the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, or Staten Island except to see a baseball game. Also, they have never traveled to any state that does not rhyme with Jew Nersey or Konnektikut.
6) Hat backwards... always.
7) They came out of their mom's womb wearing a pink polo shirt, collars popped, and wearing a diaper made by Ambercrombie and Finch.
yo, check out those flids trying to pick up those skanks with the skirt and Uggz
by Dan Marino July 11, 2005
Going down the streets healing lepars, raising the dead, and turning rock ballads into awesome!
Street Creed allows you to feed an entire audience with one riff (played over and over again, accompanied by high-strung, over-wrought vocals)
People with Street Creed are often seen praying before concerts, wearing tight leather pants, writing cliche lyrics, and grabbing oneself out of the water during a deluge in music videos.
Having concerts across the globe in hopes of ending poverty is not a sign of Street Creed, it's a sign of being a pompous douchebag. However, comparing your band to Led Zeppelin and appearing copiously on VH1 is a sign of Street Creed.
by Dan Marino July 11, 2005
Emo was invented in the late 80s as an attempt by white suburbanites to keep african-americans from migrating to the suburbs. The word is derived from its NSA acronym EMO (Ebony Migration Obliterator). It was designed to possess everything black people hate: irritating vocals, whiny lyrics, subdued dress style, and a complete undancability. Black people react to this music as if they were hearing nails on a chalk board and it is greatly responsible for the racial divide in suburbs today.
There has never been a black man attend a emo concert ever.
by Dan Marino April 29, 2005
ESPN once did a story on a college lacrosse player that was gay. Afterwards, they did a story on a basketball player that was black.
Yup, lacrosse is an activity (note, an activity not a sport) played by effeminate, white preppy douchebags so as to suck the money out of north eastern colleges which could otherwise be used on useful things, like funding a Silly Hat Society.
Most lacrosse players attended prep schools (such as "the Prep" or St. Joseph's Prepatory Academy) and have father's who own gold mines or oil fields and play a sport requiring helmets to protect their artificially tanned skin and dyed hair.
I've never been to a lacrosse activity because i only watch real sports like Halo or thumb wrestling.
by Dan Marino July 11, 2005
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