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3 definitions by Dan Logan

The act of doing a handstand on a cake while gobbling down a mass amount of said cake's contents, namely frosting, through your mouth. There is a common myth that by being positioned upside-down during the consumption of cake, the sugar will reach the brain more quickly. The person performing such an act is typically physically supported by many hungry friends.
I just did a cake stand and now I'm horribly full of cake and frosting.
by Dan Logan June 12, 2006
A verb describing the process of pleasing a male with one's eyebrows and other related forehead muscles.
I was visiting Tuskeetskeet University when this tinchild gave me a browjob. It felt goooooood.
by Dan Logan March 20, 2006
pretty good hand

used for hold em or any other game with cards
DLogan shows Ah Ac Four of a Kind Aces
DLogan: that was a pgh
by Dan Logan April 25, 2004