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Broken, ruined; can also mean tired
"Bollocks! Me Capri is banjaxed!"

"Jaysus, after that lifting them bricks all day I'm bleedin' banjaxed"
by Dan Josuttno December 20, 2004
i) Brilliant, stunning
ii) Sexy, Very Attractive
iii) A Sexual Position performed by placing your lover's head under water, then holding a baseball bat over his/her head to keep them from coming back to the surface while you fuck them.
i) "That Fiat you bought off Hank was Hot Costner"
ii) "Jaysus that Hawko one with the big jabs is a bit of Hot Costner"
iii) "After we stalled down the BacBar we went on the beach and I Hot Costner-ed Lucy O'D."
by Dan Josuttno February 04, 2005
Another way of telling some one to look out, "keep sketch" is a phrase popular in the East Coast of Ireland.
"Keep sketch for the cops while I skull tha' hippy with me can of crown"
by Dan Josuttno December 20, 2004
i)to ask for something
ii)to go somewhere
iii)To hang around
i) Can I plug a cigarette offa you?
ii) I'm gonna plug up to Sooly's house later to grab some ketamine
iii)Dezzie is plugging around here somewhere
by Dan Josuttno December 20, 2004
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