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Noun; 1. A sneakthief
2. A swindler
3. A swinegoat
"Dude, quit bein' such a Solgot and deal the cards straight. Stop splashin' while your at it."
by Dan J. Smith January 13, 2008
Adj.; One who professes the act of self-stimulation through different methods on a daily basis.
"Just a long shower my ass! Dave's such a jerkinhead."
by Dan J. Smith January 13, 2008
Noun - 1. One who wakes a true friend up the depths of a euphoric slumber induced from a night of extreme cardsharking.
"Dude, I got caught cheatin' last night, they kicked my ass, and you wanna wake me up to laugh at me. You're such a swinegoat."
by Dan J. Smith January 13, 2008
A person with teeth at such odd angles, that if they were to knock out all of that person's teeth the dentist would have to put them back in at the same odd angles.
"Ol' Solgot busted his shit on the trampoline and now looks like Edward Scissorteeth.
by Dan J. Smith January 13, 2008
Jizzerhead, noun;adjective: One who vigorously swallows cum from the penis. (Jizzerheading) the act of sucking down cum from the penis.
"That girl is a serous jizzerhead.
She is always jizzerheading guys."
by Dan J. Smith January 13, 2008
1. Noun - A person who hibernates during natural sunlight, sitting in their room playing on-line poker and probably masturbating at the same time.

2. Noun- A person who only comes out of seclusion to play pool and visit their parent's at the strip club.
"Ol' Solgot Scissorteeth is such a swinehead, always hermiting it up in his room."
by Dan J. Smith January 13, 2008

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