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A word to substitute well known words such as : No, yes, maybe .etc when your too lazy to say something as it may have consequences.
-Do you want to come out and play?
by Dan Gray June 05, 2005
Preps are fun, awesome people, who live life large. This is often because they have the money to do what they like. They prefer labels, such as: Polo Ralph Lauren, Armani Jean, Lilly Pulitzer, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, and many others. As you can tell, they come from 'well off' families. They tend to be jocks/cheerleaders and attend 'prepatory schools'.
Fellow preppy: Look at that Abercrombie babe! Isn't she totally hot!
Goth/loser: Hahaha lets all throw toilet paper at that stuck up, preppy girl because we don't have the money to afford anything else.
Prep boy: Do you like my new Armani tee? It only cost me like $170! #
Prep gal #2: It's so cute!
by Dan Gray September 10, 2005
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