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1 definition by Dan Gerous


Pronounced: (gam-zzz)

A word derived from the misspelling of "Gamez", frequently used in a negative context with regard to a person, object, place or activity.

1. Lame loser type person.
2. Extremely gay thing to do.
3. Lame, gay, retard like.
4. Roman Brown

Gamz was formed in 2003-4, its origins are highly debatable, however we know it came from one of the three D2 Pros of Mags, Season 1-2 Version 1.10.

It is commonly used among seasoned veterans of Diablo 2 in New Zealand.
1. "You Gamz"
2. "Nah you Gamz"
3. "Gamz"
4. "That's Gamz"
by Dan Gerous February 23, 2006