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2 definitions by Dan DeMichele

A total mess, a chaotic or frustrating situation, often involving a large number of people attempting the same task. A "cluster fuck." Fucking Goat Rodeo can be used as an alternative to "cluster fuck" and similar terms.
"In that meeting today, everyone was talking over each other, nobody was prepared. It was a fucking goat rodeo."
"He has the whole sales team on that one account. I have a feeling this is gonna be a fucking goat rodeo."
"I'm still stuck in traffic, this is a fucking goat rodeo, i gotta get outta here."
by Dan DeMichele June 07, 2006
An inadvertent cellphone call initiated by pressure to the keypad in a cluttered purse, pocket, or other phone stowage place, often resulting in a call to a random contact or most recently dialed number. A purse dial often results in the call recipient hearing either indiscernible bar noise, or voyeuristic detailed conversations. "Purse dial" can be used for both genders. See also "Butt Dial."
Honey, your phone purse dialed me last night, and I heard everything you said to Amy.

Yes, you DID call me last night, but I just heard distorted music until i hung up. I think your phone just purse dialed me.

Dude, i got a 12 minute voice mail of muffled voices and music last night. Stop purse dialing me.
by dan demichele January 22, 2008