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A person whose life has fallen into disrepair. Or one who is suffering the effects of intoxicating substances, perhaps on a prolonged basis.
Grant woke up at 3 in the afternoon after drinking all night, smacking his bird, pissing over his living room carpet and listening to back to back babyshambles LPs. He then cracked open anothe special brew and switched MTV on. 'MESS!'
by Dan Daman December 29, 2005
Derivative of oft. used "Get a room" (often uttered to couples passionately going at it in full view of the general public). Used in the context "get a broom (and clean up that mess!)", often said to a friend or passer by, when a shambles or a man/woman is in view. A mess of course, is a commonly used term for somebody whose life is in disrepear, or those who have consumed far too many noxious substances, perhaps over a long period of time.
Matt stumbled into the room with a 'J' in one hand, and a Special brew in the other, spouting on about how good fightstar really are. "Get-a-broom!", I exclaimed to my pals next to me, nodding my head in Matt's general direction.
by Dan Daman December 29, 2005
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