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A person who's addiction or desire for a said controlled substance such as crack cocaine or crystal methamphetamine has forced them to exchange sexual favors for said substance.
I was shocked to see my neighbor's bag whore mom performing falatio on those gang members in exchanged for her tri-daily dosage of crystal meth!
by Dan Burr May 23, 2007
An addict of usually one of two controlled substances; methamphetamine or "crack" cocaine, known for not paying for his/her "fix", or desired dosage of said controlled substance. Usually, but not always synonymous with the Baggy Ho.
This is the third time that baggy chaser, Ray Ray, has ingested my crack and not offered monetary compensation.
by Dan Burr May 23, 2007
1) One who holds a lower standing in correctional facilities. 2) An unidentified substance found in correctional facilities where male to male coitus has occured.
1) That punk may be hot stuff on the outside, but in the joint, he's nothing but jailcorn!
2) I was washing Jimmy's sheets and stuck my hand in some kind of jailcorn.
by Dan Burr September 19, 2006
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