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3 definitions by Dan Brown

A documentary about a rock band, for example, Spinal Tap.
"...I jumped at the chance to make the documentary, the, if you will, rockumentary..."
by Dan Brown August 29, 2003
The part in a piece of music, typically a dance track or pop song, where the texture is decreased, to give a softer, more low-key mood, usually before the texture of the music is brought up again to raise the emaotional level.
"I like the bit just before the break down."
by Dan Brown August 29, 2003
any guy from europe that has a minimum penis size of 8", and has boned at least 20 birds.
q> did you see that johnny hot sausage?
a>yeh, he had nasy hamburger meay hanging out of his greasy shirt!
by dan brown August 04, 2004