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sperm + egg = zygote
also some extreme gamers are called "zygote"
they are know to 0wn their competition, in games like unreal tournament
i made a zygote with my wife, and we are gonna have a baby

zygote kick my butt in unreal today
by Dan Billford April 24, 2003
a small hedgehog like creature that grunts when you hit its bottom
normall furry and brown, they are eaten by dogs and or hitten with sticks
i found mospuk in the road and now he lives in my basement
look at those silly little kids smacking mospuk
by Dan Billford April 27, 2003
I super homosexual person who loves to eat poinsonous berries
Look at reems up in the tree!
by Dan Billford July 25, 2003
i very sexy stylish person, one whom you would like to have relatoins with
Hey shorty, wanna come back to my place for some wrestling?
by Dan Billford April 22, 2003

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