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3 definitions by Dan Bates

Kinroy - Someone who can't handle there
your doing a kinroy, you've gone Spewy.
by Dan Bates December 19, 2007
Stinging sensation around the arsehole caused by fingering of the anus or been drybummed.
Si, I got serious ringsting from what you did to my arse last night
by Dan Bates December 19, 2007
Acronym for, Slydog
1: someone who gets with sluts when they are already in a relationship.

2: someone who does something on the sly.
Danny I cann't believe you slipped that lass one up the arse when your married. Such a SD you are.

Fucking SD mate, as if you managed to get me 50 condoms without anyone seeig you.
by Dan Bates January 30, 2008