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making eye contact with another person, preferably one of the opposite sex (or you will be severely punished)
It was love at first sight yaar - I reached desi first base yesterday with anarkali and she reciprocated!
by Dan Babu November 30, 2006
conversation - preferably by both parties and not dealing with curry or bollywood
Man, Nandita and I discussed quantum physics yesterday. We totally reached desi second base, yaar!
by Dan Babu November 30, 2006
going to an indian restaurant for chai or lassi, preferably as inexpensive as possible
O dude, Swasti and I reached desi third base last night! I took her to Bombay Talk and we had a magically masaledar time!
by Dan Babu November 30, 2006
holding hands with the other person in a very loving, romanteek way
Dude, you have to check this out. Radha and I hit a desi home run yesterday - her hand was so soft and tender.
by Dan Babu November 30, 2006
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