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6 definitions by Dan 'The Hitman' Humperdink

The most vicious Houdini to date, this move requires the help of at least 10 Viking Warriors and a longboat.

Engage in sex doggy style, when reaching climax spit on the ladies back. When she turns to face you a viking longboat should smash through the wall and at least 10 Nordic Raiders should disembark and begin an orgy of death and destruction as they rape, pillage and plunder the unfortunate victims room.

Then Cum in her face.
-Hi Steve hows your mum?

-Not good, mate, some bastard houdini nordic raider'ed her last night!

-Shit thats not so good! (hides horned helmet behind back)

-Yeah its not too bad, she said she's had worse!

by Dan 'The Hitman' Humperdink August 30, 2007
Another delightful twist on the original houdini, to perform the Houdini Darth Vader correctly you should be breathing heavily in the ladies ear as though you have a respiratory condition. Upon reaching climax, spit on her back, when she turns around shoot your load in her face and shout 'I AM YOUR FATHER' to which she should reply, 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO'
"Whoa Steve, your mum really freaked out when I Houdini Darth Vader'ed her last night."

"But if your her father, does that mean we're related???"

"I certainly hope not Millom boy!"
by Dan 'The Hitman' Humperdink April 26, 2007
Similar in execution to the original Houdini, although to perform correctly you should have dressed up as mild mannered reporter clark kent. Upon spitting on the ladys back she will turn round, whilst she is doing this simply leap into the nearest cupboard and leap back out again dressed as the man of steel, then ejaculate your super-sperm into the ladys astonished face, bellow the legend "Houdini SUUUPERMAAAAN!" then leave via the nearest window.
'Hey Man, your mum sure looked shocked when i gave her the Houdini Superman Surprise last night!'

'Yeah, I think she was expecting a Darren Delight instead!'
by Dan 'The Hitman' Humperdink March 23, 2007
Yet another variation on the classic Houdini, prerequisites are that you MUST be wearing a loincloth.

*Do your lady from behind

*Upon reaching the vinegar strokes, spit on her back

*When she turns around, unleash your load in her face

*As she stares at you in disbelief, strike a mighty blow and bellow 'THIS IS SPARTA!'

*Finish off by striking a homosexual limp-wristed pose, a la xerxes
"Hey Steve, I Houdini 300'd your mum last night!"

"STEVE!, are you listening?????!"

"Sorry, I was thinking of xerxes in a loincloth!"
by Dan 'The Hitman' Humperdink May 03, 2007
The part of a clipper/swan or similar cigarette lighter which holds the flintwheel. This can be removed and is used for packing down/inserting a roach into the end of a joint.
"You got a podgerer mate? I can't get this bastard roach into my spliff"
by Dan 'The Hitman' Humperdink April 01, 2007
Another twist on the classic Houdini, start off in the normal houdini fashion (doing your lady from the rear) while breathing heavily in her ear as though you have a severe respiratory condition.

Upon reaching the vinegar strokes, spit on the hapless victims back, when she turns around unleash your man-milk into her face and shout "I AM YOUR FATHER!" to which she should reply "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
"Christ your mum really enjoyed the Houdini Darth Vader last night Steve"

"does that mean we're related?"

by Dan 'The Hitman' Humperdink March 30, 2007