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best lighters ever made
my zippo is settin right here
by Dan March 23, 2005
the movie, that really is a metaphor for life. You can't work all the time, you can't always follow the same routine. You sometimes need and event hence the death of the hypnosis doctor, to make you have a life change, to make one's life more meaningful
"It's not just about my dream of doing nothing, It'a about all of us"
by Dan March 20, 2005
slang. 1. noun: (deragatory) an oaf, or simpleton. 2. noun: (friendly) a friend, brother or faithful companion. 3. verb: hose-off; a put-off; go away, leave me; I doubt what you are saying. History: The term originates from a syndicated television comedy about a fictional television station: 'Second City Television Station' or 'SCTV.' Comedy skits on the show were presented as actual programs. One such skit was a program entitled "the Great White North" - the hosts, comedians Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas (portraying Bob and Doug MacKenzie), embellished and exaggerated the stereotypical American image of how Canadians talk and act. The characters (Bob and Doug) drank beer, while bantering back and forth, inflecting their speech heavily with 'eh?' and the occasional 'hoser.'

Back off you hoser!

Come here hoser, I was just kidding.
by dan November 28, 2002
To smoke up is to let another person smoke marijuana with you without payment.
Guy 1: You got bills?
Guy 2: Nah man, I'm dead broke.
Guy 1: It's aight, I'll smoke you up on this blunt.
by Dan March 24, 2005
Sports car made by Mitsubishi Motors. It was discontinued in 1999. Many import enthusiasts overlook this car, as it has not been featured in either of the The Fast and The Furious movies. The car is beautiful, and the style is better than most of the cars in the market today. The top-end model of the 3000GT is the VR-4, which is a twin-turbocharged 3.0L engine. The style of the car is so perfect, that many bodykit makers such as Veilside have very inconspicous kits available, instead of the over-the-top kits they offer for cars such as the Lancer Evolution.
Mitchell's green 3000GT is friggin' sick.
by Dan February 27, 2004
Universe of Star Wars: A large orbital space station (the size of a small moon) capable of destroying a planet with it's Northen hemespherical superlaser. The first Death Star proved to be riddled with problems - it could not target capital ships and took many hours to recharge it's superlaser. Also, it had few if any laser turrets that were effective against snubfighters. The second Death Star overcame these problems but was destroyed at the Battle of Endor before it's completion. Note - the Death Star was designed by BEVEL LEMESIK - not the Geono-whatever idiots in Episode 2 of Kiddy Wars. George Lucas has messed around with the history so much he constantly contradicts that which he approved/wrote previously.
"That's no moon....it's a space station! <uncoprehendable roar, followed by prissy remarks from an unnamed source>"
by Dan November 02, 2004
the lead singer of system of a down.
dont tell me you didnt know who he was. o, rite, thats why u looked up his name in the first place....
see also:
daron malakian
shavo odadjian
john dolymayan
WHO can believe you
by dan December 19, 2003

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