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702 definitions by Dan

best damn car/truck company ever!
my chevy eats dodges and shits fords
by Dan March 23, 2005
212 389
A town in central Oklahoma.
Yukon was Yukon, is Yukon, and will always be Yukon.
by Dan June 05, 2006
43 273
A White-American who doesn't like Blacks or Jews.
The Skinhead said, "I hate anyone that isn't White Protestant"
by Dan August 09, 2003
59 295
A man who because of his tiny penis and ugly looks, never has a girlfriend and spends all day playing video games and pretending to be a gangsta.
Star Wars fans are nerds
by dan July 26, 2003
71 411
Nyssa; 1337 cheese
OMG Ur so like nyssa.
by Dan December 22, 2003
49 424
A woman who basically likes only other females in a sexual/emotional way.

1.Most lesbians are not hot
2.Guys liked watching them get it on in a sexual manner
3.They are more manipulative than straight men
4.Lesbians are normally women who were born with female body parts but have a chemical imbalance which makes their features look more manly over time while which make them attacted to women with or without the disorder,their also known as "born Lesbians"
5."Made Lesbians" are women who have been used by men and decided that maybe another woman will understand them more.
They can be very feminate making them a prize for "Born Lesbians"
Kate is a lesbian,I mean she is cool but she looks like a guy in the face,but you know what,I would still fuck her because I am a guy and I would stick my dick in anything female
by Dan April 11, 2005
224 789
A non-Muslim...usually refers to Jews.

We will destroy the infidel and have Iraq once again be a Muslim nation.
by dan July 26, 2003
111 780