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Many have theorized that an ancient tribe of Indians kept the city East Wenatchee a secret from others, knowing the n00bz of Wenatchee would some day try and rise superior to East Wenatchee. No longer able to contain the perplexive mass of epicness, the Indians released the city into existence on February 28, 1935. The humans who lived thereafter in East Wenatchee, were granted with all-powerful endowments of magnificent proportions.

East Wenatchee is also known as:
-The Chosen City
-El Dorado
-The Holy City

The forbidden letter of "*" only reveals itself to a true East Wenatchee resident. Every time someone from East Wenatchee speaks of "*," a Wenatcheeite dies.

East Wenatchee is also known for it's lack of a true Demonym. The words "East Wenatchee" are far too great for classification for it's people. While people residing in East Wenatchee are distinguished above all other human beings, it is impossible to bind East Wenatchee to a lower title of worship.

Mayor Lacy, also known as the Bearer of Great Things, governs this Land of Good Tidings. It is of the highest honor to lead the people of the Great East Wenatchee.
John: "Did you hear? China just had a 9-day traffic jam!"

Zack: "Shut up you dirty Wenatcheeite! I'm eating an apple."

John: "Forgive me, sir. I had no idea that you live in the Holy City of East Wenatchee! I swear!"

Zack: "*"
#el dorado #epic #* #superior #n00bs #indians #wenatchi #awesome #cool #amazing #love #apple #eastmont high school #worship #agartha #mu
by Dan, The Epic December 06, 2010
The act of changing your profile picture to confuse your friends.

This picture must:
1. Never have your face featured
2. Leave your friends so confused, that they think of a) Killing themselves; or b) Quiting Facebook

If you notice a sudden loss of friends, and/or an increase in suicide parties in your area, your mission is accomplished.
John: "I feel like creating Facebook Befuddlement today."

Greg: "Please don't, John, I've lost half of my family due to these befuddlements!"

John: tl;dl

John: *ATTENTION: CHANGE YOUR PROFILE PICTURE TO A CARTOON CHARACTER.... and, uh... Stop child abuse... and yeah.*
#quiting #facebook #child abuse #cartoon #face #profile picture #suicide #character #befuddle #befuddlement
by Dan, The Epic December 06, 2010
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