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Brozay derived from broesy. Either is a more familiar and friendly way of calling someone "bro". Brozay is only to be used while on good terms with a person, whereas bro can be used to get any guy's attention. If you're really tight with the person or he did something especially cool, the ZAY part of the word needs emphasis.
"Brozay, how've you been? Haven't seen you around...."
"Yo broZAY, way to score with that chick."
by Dan Moses June 05, 2007
A friendly or joking way to refer to someone as a mother fucker. "Mofoesy" removes any element of anger associated with the word "mofo". This term can only be taken by the receiver in a light-hearted manner. Whereas one might nickname a friend named "Jones" as "Jonesy" the same kind of affability applies when substituting mofoesy for mofo.
"yo mofoesy, what you up to?"
by Dan Moses June 05, 2007
To have submitted and been approved for publication by urbandictionary.com
Tom: "Yo shitface, I just thought of a great word for urbandictionary.com. -"broesy"
Bill: "Get fukkin' real. I urbandictionaried that weeks ago."
by Dan Moses July 06, 2007
The more familiar way to call someone "bro." Broesy is only to be used in a friendly way, whereas bro can be used to get someone's attention.
Broesy is to bro as Jonesy is to Jones.
"yo broesy, great fuckin party last night!"
"I thought we were tight, broesy, what up with that shit?"
by Dan Moses June 05, 2007
The buttocks. The fleshy, cushiony, and sexually stimulating protrusions on both the male and female backsides, strategically located between the lower back and the hamstrings.
Daneesha: "Hey girl, check out mah man, Raj. Dag, that nigga's got some buttockals..."
Kaneesha: "I'm feelin' you, baby. Only person on this damn earth with finer ones is Serena...."
by Dan Moses August 09, 2007
To possess large arms; when one's arms are particularly large.... for instance after lifting weights. Derived from the word "guns" (or arms).
Tamara: "Nick, where have been all fukkin' day?"
Nick: "Chill out, big girl. I've been pumpin' some iron."
Tamara: "I can tell. You look all gunned up, you handsome devil."
by Dan Moses August 16, 2007
To partner with in a competitive event. Also can be teamin'.
The tennis tournament was coming up and Alex and I were teaming.
by Dan Moses June 13, 2007

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