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4 definitions by Dan G

A very, very, very, unattractive person, with a very discraceful personality. This person is not pleasant to look at and is generally of a similar weight to an aircraft carrier.
Rosie O'Donnell is such a hippacrocapig
by Dan G November 15, 2004
Alternative to calling someone a "little bitch," specifically referring to screen actor A. Michael Baldwin in the horror film Phantasm.
"Why am I so scared right now? Ah, I'm such a lil' minch."
by Dan G June 18, 2006
A screen actor who, in Phantasm, was quite a lil' minch.
"Did you see A. Michael Baldwin in Phantasm? Man, what a lil' minch."
by Dan G June 18, 2006
Big Fat Oprah Tits

1. Large Breasts

2. Something that has occured which is really good.
1. Damn she has some Big Fat Oprah Tits.

2. That is Big Fat Oprah Tits right there.
by Dan G October 18, 2004