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Git er done! Ah am reeee-tarrrrded! Larry thuh Cable Guy said it was okay to use Git Er Done! Ahyuck, hyuck!
Git Er Done is a faggot-ass phrase.
by damyankee November 29, 2004
This punk is a balding, rather fugly, cunt tree singer who is, for some unknown reason, loved by millions of females across America, mostly in The South and parts of the lower Midwest (mostly Kentucky, Missouri, and southern Illinois). He has a horrid accent, can't even sing, and is pretty dumb.
Hi! Ah'm Keen-ny Chesn-ney and ah love the Confederate flahg, greetz, 'mater samitches (fried green tomatoes/sandwiches), and makin' kuntree muuzic. A-hyuck!
by damyankee May 25, 2005
Birmingham, Alabama. A City in the Deep South that sucks ass. Nothing magical about it.
Carl: You shouudn't uh dun that; he's just uh boy! UMMMM-HUMMM!
by Damyankee October 26, 2004

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