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A delicous after-dinner treat developed in Penisnar, Russia.


1 cup of cooked jasmine rice
1 tablespoon of oil
1 beaten egg
1 green pepper OR chinese cabbage (OR random green sprinkles)
50 grams of chinese sausage OR red barbequed pork (OR random red sprinkles)
1 clovelet of garlic
2 to 3 tiger prawns with head and shells removed
1 pinch of salt
1 pepper shaker full of pepper
2 diced penises
Yum! This peniscake taste like fried rice!
by Damon Gant November 25, 2007
One of several nerd gathering places on the internet. Speaks the ever-popular nerd language, consisting of lowercase mispellings of 'words', including 'pwnage', 'n00b', 'woot', and 'bump'.
I once went to gaiaonline.com to troll, and I was quickly cursed at by dedicated users calling me a 'n00b'.
by Damon Gant November 25, 2007
A general term used in place for someone overweight or obese.
Hey dudes, look at that complete Barclay over there! You can see his sweat stains under his manboobs!
by Damon Gant November 25, 2007
(noun) A word to use when entering a room. It can startle and dismay people there and generally causes the bladder of those hearing the word to malfunction. Some take it annoying, but some pleasure themselves to it out of love.
"'Roar!', said Dominic entering the mental assylum."
by Damon Gant November 25, 2007
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