13 definitions by Damo

a piece of shit car you always see broken down on the side of the road
look theres another piece of fuckin shit ford on the side of the road. hahahahahhaha (true story)
by Damo March 24, 2004
Kieran James livin in billericay is a complete and utter nitro negro who looks like a monkey and smokes puff while poppin E's
kieran pass me the solid
by damo February 26, 2004
1) Adjective: To describe something that's awesome.
3) Noun: Term used to address other person
Mate ahhhhhh how's it going itchy cunny pussy?
by Damo July 15, 2005
Pussy flaps belonging to a slut. Describing specifically those that make clapping sounds when walking.
I could hear her clappers going off from the other side of the street.
by Damo April 10, 2005
to go insane and become a western civ. teacher
mr. gruetman snafood

that guy was a doctor, but now he snafood
by damo January 19, 2005
Secreted vaginal fluid produced by the female reproductive glands.
I have a mouth full of cunny juice.
by Damo February 04, 2005
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