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Don't sleep with your housemate or workmate, it will get messy!
Bob wants to shag his PA but Fred told him "Don't shit on your doorstep"
by Damo October 25, 2004
Female genitalia of full, voluptuous nature. Usually describing one that is appealling for oral sex.
I treated myself to a tasty muffburger last night.
by Damo February 04, 2005
Female genital region. Usually deep, dark and not very appealling, compared to the norm.
She smelled rank so I kicked her in the crabhole.
by Damo April 10, 2005
a name for ppl who are pissed off their nuts and acting funny or weird
peace out to all u joogas
by damo April 10, 2004
The art of smashing an acoustic guitar to pieces on ones head, thus producing a painful and comical effect.
My stupid friend accidently took a cd my guitar teacher gave to me, and then forgot to return it, so my guitar teacher, in a fit of rage, gave me an acoustic equalizer.
by damo March 06, 2004
person that can handle their liqour i.e glass and a half
"dude that guy is so drunk and he only had two pints what a cabury's
by damo October 27, 2003

a complete spaz whom believes he has infanite intelegence but is really a thick bastard, who needs a hair

Wei Heng, Su

Get a hair cut n lose the boble
by Damo March 03, 2005
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