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1 definition by Damned_Daybreaker

A new religion based off of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga. They believe that the Cullen's (also including Isabella Swan, Jacob Black, and all other characters) are indeed real, and they deserve to be worshiped. They believe that the author of the successful series is a prophet, and that the books are a series of holy books, and the "Cullenists", or "Cullenite" must read a bit of it every day. If you live your life well, in their belief, you will spend eternal life with the Cullen's.

One member said, "Cullenism is a mass group of people,referred to as Cullenites, who have come together to appreciate the values and ideals represented by the Twilight series. We are not a religion(or a cult,lol) But we will be comparing and discussing Twilight with religion.We are nondenominational and don't intend to make anyone give up their own personal beliefs to be a part of the Cullenism group. We are simply fans who cherish the values of Twilight (not just how cute Edward is)!"

There are many different people with different views on Cullenism. Many insist that it IS a religion, others a cult, others not.
-In the name of Carlisle, Edward, and Jasper and Emmett, amen.
-What are you doing?
-Practicing my beliefs! It's called Cullenism; I'm Cullenist now.
-Oh. Isn't that not a religion?
-It is to me.
by Damned_Daybreaker May 25, 2009