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N. Accedental defecation with all the characteristics of flatulance.
I poofarted and it ran down my leg and bunched up in the leg cuff of my sweats.
by Damn Near Rectum February 12, 2004
Originating from "The Chico Bender" in fall of 2001.
A poopuke is generally found the morning after a hard night of drinking Steel Reserves and late night gorging on multiple servings of "Cup O' Noodles" doused with "Muy Bueno" cheese and "Tapatio". It consists of what can only be described as puking out of ones anus. Typically it is not a pleasurable experience though the recognition by ones peers of completing this act could be worth the agony.
I didn't make it to the john this morning during my poopuke attack. Mikey's bedroom may need to be hosed down.
by Damn Near Rectum April 09, 2004
(Adj.)Typically used to describe a delicious serving of poo.
Boy, Mom that meal was poolicious!
by Damn Near Rectum February 10, 2004
1) (N.) A hot dish usually made of cheese, wine and poo.
2) (Adj.) The defecation that occurs following a trip to Ingrams Chili Bowl.
1) You have to appreciate the nutty aroma in this fondue poo.
2) My last fondue poo piled so high I could feel it!
by Damn Near Rectum February 10, 2004
When you are doing your girlefriend from behind and in the middle of it start calling out your ex-girlefriends name and hang on while she tries squirm away.
My girlfriend forgot to wash my shirt so later that night I Broncofucked her.
by Damn Near Rectum February 11, 2004
Poop Soup That Has Been Frozen
Damn, i left my poop soup outside in the cold, oh well- kids who wants a poopsicle?
by Damn Near Rectum February 06, 2004

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