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Gas released between the buttocks cheeks, expelled gently and or forcefully into the surrounding air. There are numerous methods of release, therefore qualifying a "buttfart" an art form medium. Of course, there are those who do not partake in the exiting and age long celebration of human air. Cheers!!!
"Nice, thats one hell of a buttfart Rick, did you enjoy it or was it rather unsettling?", " Rather Tom, I found that particular buttfart, satisfying and rewarding, a true, and excellent buttfart." "Whoo, stinky."
by Damien Williams May 06, 2008
Ice Cream of any flavor smudged between 2 rather large size cookies of any flavor or mixtures.
Jimbo looked East as the wind blew gently acrossed his brow, tell him yellow aint the color, "you all sell them ice cream cookies?", "ah yes, Mcduffy's, isle 4"
by Damien Williams August 15, 2006
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