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A television version of family reality.
The Osborn's, WifeSwap and The Nanny are familreality programs.
by Damien Remmington March 09, 2009
someone who over-tweets on twitter.

Trying to kill Twitter's historical technological relevance by overtweeting with nonsense or self-glorification.
@iamdiddy is a twappilla
by Damien Remmington March 14, 2009
Getting fired from your job for being under suspicion of some crime.

Losing something because of a yet unproven event.
CJ got Blagojeviched on ABC's show True Beauty.
by Damien Remmington January 27, 2009
A guy sporting a faux hawk hairdoo.

Where a bi-sexual male enters when copulating.
Danny Gokey's faux hawk makes him look like he was born ass first.

by Damien Remmington March 22, 2009

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