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bad wrong
your moms boobs are badong
by damien September 26, 2003
Whatever you want it to mean
Hey, go sufki yourself. Whats that mean? Anything.
by damien June 13, 2004
A man completely inserts both of his hands (up to the wrist)into a womans vagina.
I gave Suzy "Fuzzy Mittens"
by Damien July 17, 2003
A old english term meaning to fornicate, or a old english version of the word fuck a term of disgust
That Frellin piece of shit stole my sandals
by Damien December 01, 2003
Language mistakenly thought to be started by hackers, however it was started by crackers who populated newsgroups and broke into computers for malicious purposes. Now commonly used among people with IQ less than 10 because they are compensating for the fact they that know almost nothing about computers. Sidenote- Hackers still use l337 occasionally as a way of making fun of the less intelligent.
d00dz 1 g075 73h l33735t h4><0rz 4 CS!!!
by Damien August 27, 2003
Similar to a camwhore but one who takes extra excitement when the camera is attached to a member of the media, be it the press, movie sets, sports arenas, etc. Especially likes to be interviewed. May have to struggle to retrieve the microphone. Often can be found waving at the camera behind the scenes, sometimes with a sign. (See Today show or Good Morning America)
He is such a media-whore that he listens to the police radio so he can go to an accident scene to get interviewed by the news reporters.
by Damien June 18, 2006
The action taken where one person takes a crap upon waking, and places the feces on the upper lip of a sleeping person. Best performed while the poop is HOT. Similar to a Dirty Sanchez
I gave Joe a Hot Morning Moustache
by Damien July 18, 2003

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