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28 definitions by Damien

1a. someone who pisses you off, but not to the extent of homicide
2a. lesser version of fucka, fucker, or fuckface
"That stupid fuckah spilled my soda!" *note: not a homicidal situation*
by Damien April 15, 2003
Also known as table soccer or foosball.
This game looks boring as hell from an external point of view, but when you get into it it's fucking addictive, just like Counter-Strike.
The players are most likely geeks who skip their maths class to play, talk shit to each other and yell like they won the FIFA World Cup when they score a goal.
This game requires a lot of skill to play and there are worldwide competitions with thousands of dollars to win, where only the cream of the geeks, the kings of the wrists can attend.
A-"This one entered your ass realllllly deep noob."
B-"Damn, that was painful. How did it pass ???"
A-"I've got a wall hack."
B-"Damn wallhaxor !
by Damien October 04, 2004
Dropping the ball
Todd are you comming out with us ?
nah man I have to like work on my stanza or something like that
by Damien March 31, 2004
Hot, nuff said
NayKiDD is hot...
by Damien December 01, 2003
dried shit
They evaporated the shit and got schnit
by Damien December 31, 2003
To agree hold hardedly.
- To concour
"I am in concourage with what you have said".
by Damien October 15, 2003
bad wrong
your moms boobs are badong
by damien September 26, 2003