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7 definitions by Damian Yerrick

A purportedly 300 BPM song by Omega (an alias for Konami composer Naoki Maeda). It appears in the following Dance Dance Revolution mixes: DDRMAX, DDRMAX 2, and DDR Extreme. In DDRMAX, it was the "extra stage" for players who got a AA grade on their last song on heavy difficulty.

Some players consider the song's single heavy (10') stepchart unnecessarily hard, though it involves little technical skill (no crossovers or spins and few significant freezes or toe-taps) but merely the ability to run in place at 10 Hz. Still, the light (6') and standard (8') steps can still prove fun.
Just because you can't beat Max 300 on heavy doesn't mean you're a bad person.
by Damian Yerrick February 08, 2004
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NEXIUM (esomeprazole Mg) capsules. NEXIUM is a prescription medication from AstraZeneca to treat heartburn due to acid reflux disease.
-- I thought pizza gave you heartburn.
-- Not anymore. I'm taking the purple pills now, remember honey?
by Damian Yerrick February 25, 2004
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Derisive term for ASCAP, a performance rights organization that controls millions of copyrighted musical compositions. It has allegedly used Mafia style tactics to get organizations to pay for a license to have its music performed publicly.
I got a call from Asscrap today, demanding that I pay up or get sued.
by Damian Yerrick October 06, 2005
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Dance music, especially house, trance, and techno, that sounds as if almost custom-made for rhythm-based video games such as Dance Dance Revolution and Pump It Up.

(Blend of fodder and DDR.)
That song on the radio is total foddr. I gotta make a DWI of that when I get home.
by Damian Yerrick January 30, 2004
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Derogatory name for the Xbox video game console. Compare GayStation Poo, GayCube.
Why pay more for an Assbox? Most of its good games are on the GameCube too.
by Damian Yerrick August 03, 2005
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(n) In Dance Dance Revolution, a song score of a full combo and all Perfect or Marvelous steps but one. A black flag will have 1 great, 0 good, 0 boo, and 0 miss, that is, one great short of a AAA.

(vt) To achieve such a score on (a song).
I just black flagged Sexy Planet. So close...
by Damian Yerrick August 13, 2004
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Speculative fiction. Includes science fiction and fantasy.
You'll find Star Wars novels in the SF section.
by Damian Yerrick January 29, 2004
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