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a goth who listens to metal music but still have the qualities of a goth and dresses metal and goth together some times they are mistaken for metal heads well they are not metal heads listen to metal music yes but they dont have the qualities of a goth
im goth but i listen to metallica and pantera and i wear blue jeans and a bklck shirt but still like the darker side of things which makes me metal goth
by Damian Moonblood January 03, 2009
A goth who is obossed with cemataries loves to visit them study/ read about them even will have weddings or parties in them. (they are also obssed with death well actually all goths are obossed with death) they just cant get enough of cemataries
i am a goth but ilove visiting diffrent cemetaries which makes me cematary goth
by Damian Moonblood January 03, 2009

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