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14 definitions by Damian

A retarded Kitten who cant rp or talk proper english
awww.. look at the kitten stuck in a ___ (insert place to easily get out of) I bet its related to Throu
by Damian July 14, 2004
of or pertaining to anything as effeminate as sparkling mineral water.
Bean is fitzy...no, i'm serious...BEAN IS FITZY
by Damian April 29, 2003
A skinny loser that loves the cock and can shove his head up his own ass and can suck his own dick all day
Marilyn Manson is a Riggsy and knows it
by Damian November 26, 2003
The Belfast, Norhern Ireland word for
De yis want anything, when I'm down the Shaps?
There is a lovely wee fish SHAP at the bottom of our street
by Damian October 01, 2003
1. Abriviation for "damian"
2. CS player that hacks,
dmn owned wyze-juwanna with the awp
wyze-hE_master was knifed by dmn
by Damian December 12, 2004
Person who rolls in bushes
wow... did you see that D-Unit? He can really rock and roll my bushes!
by DAMIAN August 04, 2004
a boy/girl who lives in worcester MA. He tries to trick people into being straight and likeing women but he really is gay and will not come to terms with it. He offers people to party at his house and gives them free alcohol just to be his friend. These people take his bribes but still believe he is the gayest thing since clay aiken. a flaming homosexual known for talking with a gay accent, and walking like a dinosaur who has just been saudomized. his wearing of ecko and wristbands doesnt make him straight.
" Dude stop acting like barbs"
by damian February 28, 2005