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A name taken from the majestic and ferocious Spotted Wook. This fearsome yet lovable creature is thought to have existed in the Cretaceous period, it was an egg laying mammal, not unlike the misunderstood Platypus it probably shared an ancestral similarity with. It is theorised this pack animal although solitary in nature lives from a diet of fruits that it along with the clutch of other Woki would track down. As a collective these intelligent creatures would also feast on the meat of predators that it would lure into an ambush (elaboration needed). Furthermore it is speculated that it has an unhealthy obsession with processed cheese. This furry omnivore was named for the mating call it is presumed to make by some of the brightest scientific minds looking into it.
The xeno-zoologist in our science department referred to the bones we brought back from our dig in Southern-Botswana as that of a Wook. The Woki eggs in the hatching will make a great addition to the clutch we have raised so far. The extinction of the Wook is a serious matter.
by Damato May 13, 2011
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