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A Butt Bumper is a guy that screws around. He is a bumper of butts, Also used to describe a gay guy. Like hey look at the Butt Bumper over there talking to his boy friend, Butt Bumper. Also meaning a person that procrastinates Example hey dude you need to hire someone else this dude is a serious Butt Bumper. Also A Butt Head
Butt Bumper,
by Daman Money January 24, 2010
A slang name for wrestling Super Star Kurt Angle. Known for pulling stunts, Or well endowed white male member. A Kurt Mandangle.
Hey there look at that kurt mandangle on that dude over there april. Or thats a very Curt mandangle. Or check out Kurt mandangle on wrestling he's not afraid of shiznit
by Daman Money January 24, 2010
Ball Coverings are anything that sheilds the balls from the light of day ball coverings. (Ball Coverings)
Hold on dude wile im in the store i need to pick up some new ball coverings.
by Daman Money January 30, 2010
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