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Synonym for "Fuck" used to conceal vulgarity in presence of children, etc.
(After stubbing toe, etc) "Argh! F.. (Notices children in vicinity) F... Fiddle Dee Dee!
by Dam Helder October 18, 2007
Of Questionable Quality.
"Man, the PS3 is utter wank!"
by Dam Helder October 18, 2007
Large George Foreman Grill-looking games Console, which despite powerful graphics, seems to be floundering due to it's insurmountable price and lame game lineup. In a nutshell, Utter wank.
"That playstation 3 is utter wank"

"I need a mortgage to buy that, no food for the next three years then."
by Dam Helder October 18, 2007

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