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The mambis is a male being whom (when blessed with the God given physical capability) accidentally bites its own penis off. This usually leads to the death of the mambis because the mambis tries to put the severed penis back on, instead of seeking medical help.

the female mambis is difficult to pinpoint. they are classified as a mambis because their most recent past life was cut short do to a solo wang biting accident.
Charlie: Quit yer bitchin, ya mambis
Mambis: Oh God! Does anyone know how to reattach a severed penis?!
by Daltonlovesmusic March 01, 2009
Jabuke (pronounced Juh-boook) is Croatian for the word Apple. However, Jabuke can also be used to describe annoying people and those who annoy you.

Jabuke is to only be used in an insulting manner unless you are Croatian.
Jabuke can also be a synonym for the word "Mambis"
Annoyed Person: Quit yer complanin' ya Jabuke! and stop being such a Mambis
by Daltonlovesmusic May 24, 2009

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