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Pronounced: E-MOE-TAL-IK-UH

1) A metal band that was once great but now is really sad shell of what they were.

2) Any once good band that now sucks.

3) Any Metallica album after 'And justice for all'.

4) Any metal album or band that sounds emo-like and whines about girls who won't love them enough.
1) Fuck John, the last 2 albums these guys put out were awesome, this new album though is fucking emotallica.

2) Man, what the fuck is this emotallica shit, the whole album is whiners playing lame solos, hurry up and put on some fucking Slayer already.

3) The songs these guys are making now are really showing us their sensitivity and true vulnerability. Ya man, it’s a steaming, reeking pile of emotallica.

4) Jack was sad about his girlfriend leaving him for a real man, so he was angry and put on some emotallica to hide his bawling and sobbing from his roommates.

5) This music is so emotallica that I want to kill myself.

6) If Don throws on any of that emotallica shit he listens to at this party, not only am I going to smash the stereo, I am going to zidown his bitch ass. *note - see zidowned
by Dalkhu July 14, 2006

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