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A close group, a network of friends who from the beginning are never part of any other group. They only talk to those inside the clic, hangout with the clic, etc.
Yes, there can be leaders among the clics, which then the rest of the group are called followers.
This term is probably better use in middle school, as high schoolers tend to grow away from clics, and actually talk to other people and be a real person.
Classic movie :Mean girls
The popular clic
"Those with gifted intelligence and slightly akward social skills" aka nerds
The regular clic
Class clowns
by Dalisay February 25, 2009
The equivalent to butterflies in the stomach scenario, but much more accurate. It literally doesn't feel like a pounding heart, but more like the heart is doing gymnastics at high speed.
Flipping occurs in situations such as:

-thinking about/being with someone you like
-emotion overload
-being scared

This is also used as a noun ie. heart flippage
"Yeah, when I was with him, I just had these heart flips."

"I didn't even think it would but there was just this random heart flippage, and suddenly yeah, I liked her."

"She says she loves him because she always has heart flips, but I think it's just infatuation there."
by Dalisay November 19, 2009

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